Boxes (M) Average (50 x 40x 28.6cm) Kitchen


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Introducing our versatile Boxes (M) designed to simplify your kitchen packing needs during your move! These durable and perfectly sized boxes measure 50 x 40 x 28.6cm, making them an ideal choice for safely transporting your kitchen essentials.

Key Features:

  1. Optimal Size: Our Boxes (M) are thoughtfully designed to accommodate kitchen items of various shapes and sizes, from pots and pans to dinnerware and small appliances.
  2. Sturdy Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, these boxes offer exceptional strength and durability to protect your precious kitchenware during the moving process.
  3. Convenient Handling: With built-in handles and ergonomic design, these boxes are easy to lift and carry, making your packing and unpacking experience hassle-free.
  4. Easy Labeling: Simplify the unpacking process by clearly labeling the contents of each box, thanks to the spacious surface area for marking.
  5. Space-Efficient: Our Boxes (M) are stackable, helping you maximize your storage space in the moving truck, and they’re also reusable for future needs.

Whether you’re moving across town or to a new city, trust our Boxes (M) to be your reliable packing companions for a stress-free kitchen relocation. Say goodbye to the worry of broken dishes or misplaced kitchen gadgets, and hello to a seamless moving experience. Order your Boxes (M) today and pack your kitchen with confidence!

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Dimensions 50 × 40 × 28,6 cm


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